Ep. 6.8 With Xochitl & Alain

The deed is “done”, but IS IT? Not at all!

Don’t leave all that extra pleasure and joy on the table. There’s so much more available than what’s on the surface.
That juicy, passionate, connected, yummy, loving space you just co-created is ENERGY and GOODWILL you can extend to cause a RIPPLE EFFECT that can travel OUT of the bedroom and INTO your day-to-day lives. Join us as we explore How to Keep the Sex Dirty – AFTER with special guests Alain Torres and his beloved Xochitl Torres.

Ep. 6.7 With Ingrid & Tal

OK so THAT wasn’t so great. You got upset. You argued. Still – you somehow managed to pull out of it and put an end to the fight. Not easy, yet you got through it. And what if the relationship is actually ending? How can you STILL lean into the love and the lessons even as you end your romantic relationship? Join us plus our special guests Tal Rachleff and Ingrid Peterson to find out!

Ep. 6.6 With Special Guest: Philippe Lewis

Best-Eva-Sexy-Time (B.E.S.T.) is NOT behind you! Don’t let the hot coals of passion cool, turn to ash and disappear. You CAN fuel the fire, keep those coals glowing and ensure that your sexlife just keeps getting better and better. Join Raj and me, plus our special guest Philippe Lewis!”

Ep. 6.5 With Amanda & Matthew

A heated, ugly argument is a dangerous way to “communicate.” Don’t let your conscious, compassionate, big-picture, frontal lobe get hijacked by your reactive, defensive, focused-only-on-the-moment, fight-or-flight “lower brain.” The stakes are high, the dynamic is volatile and the outcome is often costly, if not devastating. Join us, along with our guests Matthew Cooke & Amanda Ranae as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean – DURING, “How to Handle A Heated Argument.”

Ep. 6.4 With Diana & Paul

One of the most common complaints around a lack of satisfying sexy-time is that it gets stale, predictable, or even boring. Yuck! Even if your sexy-time is far from boring, keeping it fresh, fun and flirty is a VERY good idea. Only good things can come of it! Join us with Diana & Paul as explore the “Super Satisfying Seduction Made Simple.”

Ep. 6.2 With Jena & Sacha

Sex gets sexy (or goes south) WELL BEFORE the seduction even begins. If you invest a little intention, attention and action early and often, the baby step actions lead to tidal wave impact. Join us for this awesome episode with our special guests, Jena La Flamme & Sacha Nielsen as they share their abundant wisdom on Pleasurable Relating, Pleasurable Living and Pleasurable Movement that will surely knock your socks off and curl your toes too!

Ep. 6.1 with Special Guest Andy Horning

It’s what you do well before any fights flare up that will dictate how OFTEN you fight, how BAD it gets and how LONG it lasts. INVEST even a little intention, attention and action BEFORE any problems surface and avoid it being DEMANDED of you later. Join Andy Horning as we explore, How to Keep the Fights Clean – BEFORE: ” The Problem is The Path”