Ep. 11.8 With Levina & Caleb

The cliche stale and predictable sex-life is NOT destined. Find out how to invest in intimacy after the ‘deed is done’ by reflecting on what’s REALLY going on for both of you. Learn how to start up that critical conversation and explore new erotic adventures with How to Keep the Sex Dirty: AFTER “4 Top Tips to Take Sexy-Time to the Next Level” with Levina Li and Caleb Spaulding.

Ep. 11.7 With Rachel & Kyle Wright

The fury of the fight may have passed, but are you moving on or moving FORWARD? Learn how to reflect on any rifts so that your arguments can lead you to greater intimacy rather than pull you apart. Discover the magic and joy of turning feelings of frustration into a fulfilling future. Join us along with Rachel and Kyle Wright as we explore “How to Turn An Argument Into Intimacy”.

Ep. 11.1 With Sharon & Derrick Pope

If you create habits that build trust between you and your beloved and you bring honor your relationship as SACRED SPACE, conflict can’t survive and your relationship can really THRIVE. If you want to mitigate mistrust and nix negativity in favor of grounding in good will and powerful partnership, then join Raj and I, with our special guests Sharon & Derrick as we explore “How to Build Trust, Goodwill and Treat Your Relationship as Sacred Space.”

Ep. 11.2 With Lise Lavigne

Being intimate isn’t so easy when you’re more commonly upset than aroused. If you want to know how to clear out the emotional build up and basic BS that gets in the way of that blissful booty call with your beloved, then don’t miss this episode where we explore “How to Clear the Emotional Clutter, Chill Out Over Chores and Dive Into Delicious Date Nights Instead” with Lise Lavigne.

Ep. 11.3 Priya and James

What if when friction started you could avert the argument entirely? AND what if you could not only end the argument, you could turn it into intimacy and even fun instead?
Join Priya & James as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean, AS IT STARTS: “How to Stay Curious & Keep It Playful Even in Conflict”.

Ep. 11.4 With Tracey & George

Don’t let sexy-time slip away! It doesn’t have to get stale or predictable. We’ve got the nitty-gritty-down-and-dirty of what works and what’s a waste when it comes to seduction. Join us along with our awesome interviewees George & Tracey as we explore “4 Top Tips for Redefining Hot in YOUR Relationship”

Episode 11.5 With Krystal & Caleb

In the middle of an argument, you can either get triggered and REACT or you can instead find ways to RELATE to yourself, your beloved and your relationship. Learn how to push PAUSE on a problem and bring PARTNERSHIP POWER to it instead. Join us along with Krystal Starr & Caleb Jennings as we double-date-dive into discussing How to Keep the Fights Clean, DURING: “React or Relate – How to Leverage the Shocking Shortcuts of the Relationship Mind”

Episode 11.6 With Eva & Paul

Be a YES to YOUR most yummy s*xlife. Move beyond being bashful and get ready for a brave, bold and blissful s*x life. Join us to get in on these top tips on unleashing uninhibited intimacy as we explore How to Keep the Fights Dirty: DURING with our special guests, Eva and Paul Barnet.