Ep. 10.3 With Alexi Panos & Preston Smiles

Before a brewing battle gets the best of you and your relationship, brush up on your fighting fair skills and join us as we explore what to do just as a fight is forming so you can head it off at the pass and avoid any unnecessary arguments. Join our guests Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos to discuss our top tips on How to Keep the Fights Clean: AS IT STARTS, How Awareness and Choice Can End an Argument In It’s Tracks.

Ep. 10.2 With Kayce Neill

Acting in advance can create easy access to up-leveling intimacy. Uncover each-other’s Erotic Blueprint as your entry point to an endless erotic evolution together. Uncover the naughty nuances and the delicious differences in your desires with these simple steps for How to Keep the Sex Dirty: BEFORE “Act in Advance: Accessing Endless Erotic Evolution.”

Ep. 10.1 With Lucia & Jacob

If you take the time to explore shadow, moods and boundaries BEFORE an argument emerges then you set your relationship up for turning any conflict into greater connection.

Join Raj and I with our special guests Lucia Gabriela & Jacob Jones, for the first episode of the season as we discuss how to identify and even anticipate shadow, moods, and common conflicts. Then translate those hurdles into habits and practices that bring peace to you, the moment and the relationship.

Ep. 9.6 With Ken Blackman

If you’re feeling bored, disconnected, frustrated or suppressed with your sexlife and you want more attraction, intimacy and excitement in it, then join us at Fights Clean Sex Dirty TV with our special guest Ken Blackman as we dive into “How to Use Pace, Timing and Your Spidey Senses to Satiate Sexy Desires”.

Ep. 9.5 With Brenda & Chris

Learn to embrace the opportunities in your arguments and pivot out of upset and into intimacy. We’ll dive into feelings vs. facts, how to get below the surface and even how to get ahead of it all in the first place. Join our awesome interviewees Brenda and Chris as we explore “How to Keep the Fights Clean: DURING – 6 Top Tips for De-Escalating A Dispute”.

Ep. 9.1 With Wendy Newman

Learn how to ditch the DEFAULT of blaming, shaming and complaining and instead step into a delightful relationship by DESIGN where TOGETHER, you create a map of what you BOTH want. Join Gaby & Raj along with Wendy Newman, Media-Celebrated Author, Dating, Sex & Relationship Expert, as we dive deep into “How to Keep the Fights Clean – BEFORE, “Creating A Forward Focus for A Fabulous Relationship”

Ep. 8.7 With Ashley & Mike

You got upset and argued. You might have even let it get a bit ugly. Still, you managed to get through it. NOW WHAT? Don’t just move on, move FORWARD. You CAN turn an argument into intimacy or a breakdown into a breakthrough. Join Ashley & Mike Bledsoe as we dive deep into How to Keep the Fights Clean, AFTER: “How to Heal After a Hurtful Argument”

Ep. 8.1 With Jamee & James

Your relationship HABITS will dictate your relationship HAPPINESS so join us as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean: BEFORE “Nip Negativity in the Bud BEFORE it Blows Up In Your Face” with the always inspiring and wildly talented Jamee & James Kyson. If you want a few quick quality tips on ending an argument BEFORE it even has a chance to get started, then don’t miss this interview!

Ep. 7.1 With Katie & Joshua

Get rid of the wet-blanket-weight of repetitive arguments. If you’re fed up with your FRICTION FACTORS, there IS a way out – Join Gaby and Raj with special guests Katie Roper and Joshua Hathaway as they dish about PEACE PRACTICES and How to Keep the Fights Clean. BEFORE.

Ep. 3.1 Sarah & Sean

It’s what you do day-to-day, well before any fights flare up that will dictate how OFTEN you fight, how BAD it gets and how LONG it lasts. GIVE even a little intention, attention and action BEFORE any problems surface and then DEMAND it from you. Join Gaby & Raj along with Sarah & Sean McCoy (of I Stand for Love) as we dive deep into How to Keep the Fights Clean – BEFORE, “Vision = Victory: The Power of a Proactive Relationship”