Ep. 8.3 With Morgan & Rob

Often in relationships over time, we end up hiding our true feelings. We shift from biting our tongue to blowing our cool. We either grow distant or combative. Numb or demanding. Neither is very helpful. Both are quite painful.

If you want to know “How to Never Have to Hide Out Again”, how to be transparent and tell the truth, (even when you know it’s going to take its’ toll) and how you can create connection (even when you can’t seem to find common ground), then join Morgan & Rob while we explore our top tips for How to Keep the Fights Clean: As It Starts.

Ep. 8.1 With Jamee & James

Your relationship HABITS will dictate your relationship HAPPINESS so join us as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean: BEFORE “Nip Negativity in the Bud BEFORE it Blows Up In Your Face” with the always inspiring and wildly talented Jamee & James Kyson. If you want a few quick quality tips on ending an argument BEFORE it even has a chance to get started, then don’t miss this interview!

Ep. 7.7 With Makena & Sunny

The storm has passed. The fight is over. You’ve survived. Maybe with some wounds to heal or bridges to cross to return to intimacy and connection. So NOW what?! Learn what to do AFTER a fight to 1. Reconnect and 2. Learn from it so you do better next time.

Join us as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean – AFTER with Makena Sage and Sunny Durante.

Ep. 7.5 With Anita & Brody

When we fight with our beloved, one thing is clear: we care deeply about something. This is a reason to fight passionately, but it can also be a reason to love just as passionately. By taking blame off the table, every fight is an opportunity for deeper intimacy. Join special guests Antia & Brody Boyd as we discuss How to Keep the Fights Clean, DURING: “How to Turn a Heated Argument into Hot Connection.

Ep. 7.3 With Jamie & Clara

It takes no effort at all to get into an argument. It DOES take effort to avert them. You can make a mountain out of a molehill or a molehill out of a mountain. Your choice.

If you want to know “How to Avoid Argument On-Ramps”, join one of the funnest couples you will ever meet, Jamie Thompson & Clara Zahorsky while we talk about how to take it down a notch and turn those Friction Factors into Peace Practices. ”

Ep. 7.1 With Katie & Joshua

Get rid of the wet-blanket-weight of repetitive arguments. If you’re fed up with your FRICTION FACTORS, there IS a way out – Join Gaby and Raj with special guests Katie Roper and Joshua Hathaway as they dish about PEACE PRACTICES and How to Keep the Fights Clean. BEFORE.

Ep. 3.5 With Amy & Tony

A heated, ugly argument is a dangerous way to “communicate.” The stakes are high, the dynamic is volatile and the outcome is often costly, if not devastating. Don’t let your conscious, compassionate, big-picture, frontal lobe get hijacked by your reactive, defensive, focused-only-on-the-moment, fight-or-flight “lower brain.”

Ep. 3.1 Sarah & Sean

It’s what you do day-to-day, well before any fights flare up that will dictate how OFTEN you fight, how BAD it gets and how LONG it lasts. GIVE even a little intention, attention and action BEFORE any problems surface and then DEMAND it from you. Join Gaby & Raj along with Sarah & Sean McCoy (of I Stand for Love) as we dive deep into How to Keep the Fights Clean – BEFORE, “Vision = Victory: The Power of a Proactive Relationship”

Ep. 2.7 With Cher & Morgan

The storm has passed. The fight is over. You survived. NOW what?! After an argument, don’t just get PAST it, get the MOST out of it! Become a Fabulous Fighter TODAY and turn your reoccurring, extreme and long lasting fights into RARE, MILD and SHORT ones. Join us as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean – AFTER with Morgan DrMaj and Cher Hawrysh.

Ep. 2.5 With Gaby & Raj

Tired of the tension, bickering or even outright fighting? Had enough of being exhausted by repetitive upsets? Check out our quick, easy-access tips and techniques to tame triggers and end an argument in an instant with “Argument Escape Hatches.” Enjoy a new level of trust, intimacy, and joy unknown before.