The 60 Second Habit for Easy Access to Awesome Intimacy

Action Option Your relationship mission, should you accept it is to… Ask your beloved if they’re up for playing a kissing Game. Share this Game and ask if they want to play this one or modify it. Post reminders that say Name That Kiss in places you will see it. Initiate and engage with the […]

Fast Track #2

Ep. 12.1 With Susy & Chace – June 4th

Don’t get stuck in that hamster wheel and waste your energy on projections, invest in intimacy. Learn to quickly uncover the problematic patterns that cut off connection. Join us along with the dreamy and down to earth, Susy & Chace as we explore the “5 Foundational Tools to Spot Patterns and Stop Projections BEFORE They Trip You Up”.

Ep. 12.3 With Charlie Glickman – June 18th

If you want to be able to diffuse defensiveness and to be able to navigate any negativity that inevitably emerges in relationship, then you’ll want to join us as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean, AS IT STARTS: “4 Key Factors to Kick Drama & Defensiveness to the Curb” with sexuality educator, Charlie Glickman.

Ep. 12.5 With Jocelyn & Aaron – July 2

Don’t lose it in the heart of an argument and say or do something you’ll regret later. Check out these top techniques for turning DOWN the heat and reconnecting through quality communication. Join Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman as we explore “13 Quick Tips for Closing the Communication Gap During Conflict” so that your next argument builds intimacy rather than burns bridges.

Ep. 12.7 With Laurie & Michael – July 16th

Don’t settle for moving ON after a fight, move FORWARD. Turn the conflict into connection with these peaceful and playful practices for putting the problems behind you and bringing new solutions to the surface. Get in on these “4 Rituals for Reconnection After A Relationship Rift” with our intimacy experts and happy couple Laurie Handlers and Michael Gibson.

Ep. 11.7 With Rachel & Kyle Wright

The fury of the fight may have passed, but are you moving on or moving FORWARD? Learn how to reflect on any rifts so that your arguments can lead you to greater intimacy rather than pull you apart. Discover the magic and joy of turning feelings of frustration into a fulfilling future. Join us along with Rachel and Kyle Wright as we explore “How to Turn An Argument Into Intimacy”.

Ep. 11.1 With Sharon & Derrick Pope

If you create habits that build trust between you and your beloved and you bring honor your relationship as SACRED SPACE, conflict can’t survive and your relationship can really THRIVE. If you want to mitigate mistrust and nix negativity in favor of grounding in good will and powerful partnership, then join Raj and I, with our special guests Sharon & Derrick as we explore “How to Build Trust, Goodwill and Treat Your Relationship as Sacred Space.”