Living the Love Trifecta

  Your Action Option Should You Choose To Accept It… Set reminders in your calendars for the Play, Peace, and Passion seasons. As a season starts, pick a goal/game to take on (together or on your own if needed). Pick your prompts and post them so you keep your goals/games visible. Take action toward your […]

Five Fun Steps to Let Go of Being Right and Lean into Being Love

10 Dos and Don’ts for Turning Crappy Communication Into Quality Connection

Both is Better Than One

Do you ever fight repeatedly about something fairly stupid but you both seem to care A LOT about? This one is a bit embarrassing, but it’s real and current.And I hope it inspires others to find a way to have an argument turn into intimacy and compromise become SYNERGY.We’ve used our PEACE PRACTICE of BOTH IS BETTER THAN ONE to go from a repeat aggravation between us to an up-leveling of intimacy.

“The 4 Steps to a Successful Relationship”

Intimacy or Irritation? If you want a successful relationship, it takes INTENTION, ATTENTION and ACTION. Awesome intimacy doesn’t happen by default. The default in a relationship for most couples is to let layers of let downs build up until there’s a Relationship Residue so thick, intimacy turns to irritation and eventually irreconcilable differences.

The Top Two Rules to Keep In Mind for Conscious Communication

Use It or Lose It!If you don’t USE quality communication skills, you’ll likely get USED UP by an ugly argument at some point or another. Or maybe even over and over again. Augh! Who needs it?!So let’s look at the two most meaningful rules to follow to create connection and avoid conflict through conscious communication.

Stop. Shift. Start

All Too Quickly The Claws Came OutWe had just arrived at one of our favorite restaurants, in one of our favorite cities (Wild Ginger in downtown Seattle), and for seemingly NO reason and certainly no GOOD reason, we started to get short with each other.Then snippy.

RFG Quick Tip Video Clip #4 – “Give ‘Em A Game to Play”

Super satisfying sexy-time is WAY too good to give up on.AND it’s good for you in soooooo many ways. Not just for the relationship either. For your own sense of self, self-expression, connection to your primal animal, physical stress release, better sleep, mortality, creativity, and on and on…

RFG Quick Tip Video Clip #1 – “The Problem is The Path”

Things Can Get Nasty. You’re in the thick of it. You’ve felt the tension building. Now suddenly it’s a free-for-all.Triggers, reactions and emotions are flying high.Maybe you even sink to resorting to the no-holds-barred manner of relating.

Argument Even-Better-If-ing

Move On or Move FORWARD? That was NO fun at all! Arguing rarely is, right? It might have even gotten a little ugly there for a moment too. Yet you made it to the other side.Or did you?Now that the fight is “over,” if you’re like most people, you’re just glad it’s over, grateful you managed to get through it. Now you just want to put it behind you, forget about it and MOVE ON.