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Ep. 12.4 With Kristopher & Lita – June 25th

Sometimes life and love can get difficult or even just really busy. So busy that even activities that bring you bliss seem daunting or like a chore. Come learn how to move past the obstacles and into awesomeness. Join Raj and I with our special guests Kristopher and Lita Lovestone as we delve into “How to Break Free From the Barriers to Intimacy and Bring Bliss to Your Bedroom”.

Ep. 12.7 With Laurie & Michael – July 16th

Don’t settle for moving ON after a fight, move FORWARD. Turn the conflict into connection with these peaceful and playful practices for putting the problems behind you and bringing new solutions to the surface. Get in on these “4 Rituals for Reconnection After A Relationship Rift” with our intimacy experts and happy couple Laurie Handlers and Michael Gibson.