Right now, you are treading water in your relationship or on a slippery slope to a default, dull or even dead relationship?

Maybe you already know that your relationship hurdles are going to be a tough nut to crack. You might even feel like you are fighting an uphill battle.

Do you already know that an ebook, a webinar series or even a week on vacation is simply NOT GOING TO CUT IT for where your relationship is right now?

Maybe you know that counting on you and your partner to sit down and read the eBook, do the webinar or get yourself to the retreat, is just a recipe for disaster, leaving your relationship dead in the water, before you even got started.

Before you succomb to a knee-jerk reaction or throw in the towel on your relationship entirely, consider our direct support Diamond Mining Coaching, where together, we turn the lumps of coal in your relationship into radiant gems.

Right now, instead of thinking of your arguments as nerve grinding or annoying, Raj and I would like to invite you to think about them as “diamonds in the rough”.

Turn your fighting from nasty to nice and your sex from non existent to knock your socks off!

They might look like an ugly lump of coal, but with the right vision, cutting and polishing, that lump of coal, your arguments, can teach you how to make your relationship shine brilliantly like a diamond.

Your relationship could be so bad right now that you think a playful, peaceful, passionate, P3 Relationship will happen for you only when pigs fly, but deep down, when push comes to shove, you know your relationship is not only WORTH giving it a shot, it’s worth giving it your ALL.

You’re here on this website now, inspired to do SOMETHING about your relationship. Don’t let today’s effort be much ado about nothing. Lip service won’t get you a playful, peaceful, passionate, P3 Relationship.

Wouldn’t it be a weight off your shoulders if you knew… .

You do NOT have to live into the outdated, inherited, unhelpful, disempowering, depressing relationship cliches!

Wouldn’t it be a weight off your shoulders if you knew you had a trained, caring and even fun guide, to nip the negativity in the bud and keep you focused on what you DO want rather than getting stuck in the muck of all the complaints and criticisms about what you DON’T want?

What if at the end of the day, you had not just opened a can of worms, or driven a deeper wedge between you, but instead you had…

  • Created a Shared Relationship Vision for how you both want your relationship to be

  • You identified the top 5 challenges to that Vision becoming a reality and

  • You had 90 days of direct support to turn that Shared Relationship Vision into a NEW NORMAL relationship reality that knocks your socks off – literally!

More and more couples like us want to grow with our partners, to have fun with them and be turned on by them. We want to feel energized, alive and excited by our partners and our lives.

Now you can learn and grow and play with your partner, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Don’t miss out on the playful, peaceful, passionate, P3 Relationship that IS possible for you! You can choose a relationship by design and resist slipping into a relationship doomed for the default.

If you’re fed up with fighting and your sex life is unsatisfying, and you want to…

  • Enjoy a happy, healthy and hot relationship

  • Trade in upset for understanding, criticism for compassion and separateness for sexiness

  • Stop ranting about your relationship and start raving about it

  • Uncover what the repeat arguments are and how to “retire” them

  • Get personalized and focused attention from Raj and I (If your partner is not ready for this just yet, we will work with you – You alone CAN make a difference your partner will notice and get excited about.)

  • Have us co-design, then walk you step by step through our unique, effective and empowering 90-day Game for creating your personal playful, peaceful, passionate, P3 Relationship.

Then get started with Raj and I TODAY by signing up for your 100% personalized Diamond Mining Coaching .


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“How To Keep the Fights Clean & The Sex Dirty”

17-Week Diamond Mining Relationship Coaching Series

Try Our Coaching, Learn How To:

  • Shift from complaints to creativity
  • Turn separateness into sexiness
  • Nip Negativity in the Bud

17 Weeks of Direct Support

1 Payment of $6,500 (save $1,000)

2 Payments of $3,750

Here’s what you get…

  • Personalized focused attention from Raj and/or I, (you get to choose which one of us you want to primarily work with and sometimes we will jump on the calls together)

  • Step by step support, over 4 weeks in creating a Shared Relationship Vision

  • A list of the Top Ten Triggers that interrupt your Shared Relationship Vision

  • 12 weekly, 50 minute phone or video conference sessions, to support you in creating what to do to make your Shared Relationship Vision, a New Normal Reality

  • Access to all 8 recordings from our How To Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty Webinar Series

  • A copy of our full edition How To Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty eBook

Turn your fighting from nasty to nice and your sex from non existent to knock your socks off!

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“Gaby & Raj bring brand new perspective to resolving relationship conflict that’s fresh, fun, full of love and creates deep intimacy between the couples they work with.”
Sacha & Scott - Toronto, Canada
“As coaches, Gaby and Raj really do know how to help you find the fun, excitement and connection inside your relationship. They share their brilliance in simple, compassionate ways that makes it easy to implement.”
Cher & Morgan - Hollywood, CA

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