For most couples, life is full, busy and stressful.

Finding the time in your day-to-day lives to focus on how to create a more a playful, peaceful, passionate, P3 Relationship can seem next to impossible.

What better way to reset, refresh and revitalize your relationship by leaving the manic, the multitasking and the mundane all behind to go on a luxury vacation?

Especially one that balances a fun focus on relationship education along with plenty of play time for stand up paddle boarding, horseback riding, beach walks, dancing and more. The couple that plays together stays together!

You may be telling yourself that your relationship is “fine” (and that it’s OK that it’s fine)…

Still in your most quiet, honest moments, you know that if you don’t do something NOW to bring a little laughter, love and lust into your relationship, it’s going to slowly kill you inside and ultimately destroy a once great relationship.

If you could just give yourself a week to uncurl your toes in the sand, have a little fun on the sand and sea and learn something new about yourself and your relationship, then you’ll be well on your way to a relationship that feels revitalized, fresh and free – where trust builds lust and laughter leads to love.

Introducing The…

“How to Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty”

V.1 – The 5 Simple Steps to Solutions that REALLY Satisfy

Luxury Retreat

Join this group of only 8 committed couples and learn to playfully move past the challenges in your relationship so that…

  • Your relationship can have you saying “Ahhhhh” instead of “AARGH!”

  • You can begin to look for ways to be TOGETHER rather than for ways to be APART.

  • You can genuinely say that you CHOOSE & CHERISH your relationship.

  • You can be satisfied about the QUALITY & QUANTITY of sex you have.

  • Your conflict can become opportunities for COMMUNICATION & CONNECTION.

  • You can stop bitching about your relationship and START BRAGGING about it.

During this luxury relationship retreat you will experience:

  • Carefully Crafted Content – Explore and expand with 4-6 hrs a day of course content of rich experiential exercises and a focus on making the day-to-day functional, far more fabulous.

  • Plenty of Play Time – Sleep in, take walks on the beach, relish in a romantic dinner, delight in some dirty dancing or a double date and maybe even enjoy a little “afternoon delight”!

  • Exciting Excursions – Choose from a variety of play time options like horseback riding, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, dune buggy rides, surfing and more.

  • Fabulous Food – Enjoy epicurious delights with at least half of all meals made on site and prepared with love.

  • Magnificent Massage – Tease away any tension with a couples massage that will make you coo.

  • Marvelous Meditation – Melt into a new level of peace, clarity and creativity with guided meditation experiences to cultivate peace and creativity.

  • Yummy Yoga – Power up with some partnered yoga for morning and/or sunset body movement that gives pleasure and stirs passion.

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“How To Keep the Fights Clean & The Sex Dirty”

V.1 – The 5 Simple Steps to Solutions that REALLY Satisfy

Join Our Luxury Retreat, Learn How To:

  • Lighten up and laugh a lot
  • End fights before they begin
  • Save being “NASTY” for your sex life

5 Days of relationship education

with plenty of play time too!

Price TBD based on the level of luxury requested

This luscious luxury relationship retreat will guide you to:

  • Unhook from the hurried life back home – uncurl your toes and your defenses.

  • Come to clarity about your complaints and learn how to transform tension into tenderness and irritation into intimacy.

  • Author an inspiring shared relationship vision giving you something worth working TOWARDS.

  • Set your relationship up with a well designed “Game Worth Playing” to support you in making your shared relationship vision a reality.

  • Make a daring declaration of your commitment to fulfill on your “Game Worth Playing.”

  • Pair up with some peer accountability partners to pave the way for more play, peace and passion.

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“Gaby & Raj make the work of creating a great relationship almost as fun as the prize. They bring unique and affective techniques that are sure to make a massive difference for any couple who encounters their work.”
Ibrahim - Los Angeles, CA
“Gaby and Raj know how to navigate the sometimes choppy, but always fulfilling waters of true love. Through their guidance, I found the woman inside me that can fall completely and madly in love with my husband.”
Andrea & Jon - Malibu, CA

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