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FCSD TV | Ep. 1.5 With Antonia & Joel Ep. 1.5 With Antonia & Joel – FCSD TV

How to Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty

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Ep 1.5: How to Tame Triggers & Unhook Even In The Heat Of It!

When the going gets ugly, it’s time to get educated – about yourself, your partner and just what it takes to Keep the Fights Clean: DURING.  Join personality experts, Antonia Dodge and Joel Mark Witt as we discuss how to end an argument, even when you are in the thick of it. Join us as we explore our top tips, tools and techniques to “Tame Triggers & Unhook, Even In The Heat Of It!”

Special Guest Bio: Antonia Dodge & Joel Mark Witt are partners in business and in life. These two co-owners of Personality Hacker are experts in what makes people tick and how that shows up in business, relationships and life in general. Understanding your own personality type and how that interacts with your partner’s personality type is game changing.

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