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FCSD TV | Ep. 3.8 With Jennifer & Larry Ep. 3.8 With Jennifer & Larry – FCSD TV

How to Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty

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Ep. 3.8:  Orgasm Doesn’t Equal Over

Let’s talk about sex, baby! As Salt ‘N Peppa said…“Let’s tell it how it is, and how it could be, how it was, and of course, how it should be.”

Don’t leave all that extra pleasure and joy on the table. There’s so much more available than what’s on the surface.

You might think the “deed is done,” but is it, really? It’s time to take a closer look and discover new ways to scoop up all that yummy post orgasmic energy, good times and goodwill. This will ensure that you just keep getting closer and closer, and that the sexy-time just keeps getting better and better.

Join Raj & me along with our special guests, Jennifer Laurin & Larry Michel as we share our top tips, tools and techniques for Keeping the Sex Dirty – AFTER: “Orgasm Doesn’t Equal Over.”

Special Guest Bio: Larry Michel, AKA “The Love Shepherd,” founder of the School of Genetic Energetics, a Master ERP™ and host of The Larry Love Show, is a breakthrough relationship coach, author, trainer, speaker and producer. He has introduced the only scientifically proven online compatibility system that reveals the true motivations behind our actions, from devastating emotional upsets to our most joyous and blissful experiences: Larry’s passion is helping people break free of their stories and experience all the benefits of true love.

Jennifer Laurin has been in the international green building industry for over a decade as a Regenerative Design & Mindful Development expert, focusing on building standards for healthy living and eco-systems. Her focus on the internal personal environment began in 2008 by diving into inner engineering, yoga, and meditation. She now offers Embodiment, Remembrance of your True Nature, Theta Healing, Genetic Energetic Counseling, Tantric counseling, Meditation, Whole-being wellness, and Sacred Sexuality. She can be reached at

Together, they’re excited to share their top tips about How to Keep the Sex Dirty – AFTER


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  1. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    It is amazing the relief it can bring to hear the articulation of your thoughts & feelings you didn’t think you knew how to articulate!

  2. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    Your ACTION OPTION should you choose to accept it is to…

    STEP 1: Create an enjoyable and intimate experience for some super satisfying sexy-time.

    STEP 2: The next day, let yourself reminisce and relive the experience. Try remembering as many sense as possible.

    STEP 3: Let that repeat relishing extend to your beloved, Tell them what delicious memories linger from the night before. Whisper, text or tell!

    STEP 4 (BONUS): Notice the impact your good mood has on others. Let your job and juiciness inspire others.

  3. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    “There are three sexual-response types: mental, physical, and emotional. Knowing your sexual-response type is just as important as knowing your blood type! It is crucial!” –Larry Michel

  4. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    For both the male & female, the prelude to sex is important. The romance, the candles, the need to feel sexy & appreciated beforehand is just as important for box sexes and for all sexual-response types!

  5. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    “It is critically important to know the sexual-response type of your partner so that you can EMBRACE it!” –Larry Michel

  6. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    Grab his or her hand and just really feel it. Kiss it, feel it, touch it, even in a non sexual way this will bloom into a deep connection, just watch!

  7. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    To find out more information about Larry Michel you can check out his website, The Four Answers, and if you click here: you can find out what you are energetically. (Please note that this profile is for one person only * so it is for anybody when you are single or not). Then when you are done, email it Larry Michel at with the subject line: “Questionnaire” and Larry will send you a questionnaire back!


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