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FCSD TV | Ep. 3.7 With Devona & Kevin Ep. 3.7 With Devona & Kevin – FCSD TV

How to Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty

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Ep. 3.7: Ninja Moves for Post Nastiness

OK so THAT wasn’t so great. You got upset. You argued. You might have even gotten inches from getting ugly even. Still – you somehow managed to pull out of it and put an end to the fight. Not easy, yet you got through it.

NOW WHAT? Just put it behind you and move on?

Don’t just move on, move FORWARD.

Fights don’t have to be a fiasco. You CAN turn an argument into intimacy and a breakdown into a breakthrough, but how?

Join Raj & I with our awesome interviewees, Kevin & Devona Stimpson as we swap our top tips on How to Keep the SexDirty – AFTER: “Ninja Moves for Post Nastiness” to turn conflict into connection and complaint into contentment.

Special Guest Bio: Kevin and Devona Stimpson are partners in love, life AND business. Together for 10 years and married for 4, they’ve also now been in business together for 3 years.

Their shared values brought them together to empower and enable successful entrepreneurship through the world of branding by helping badass entrepreneurs put their stamp on the world. They’re doing what they truly love to do while also making a huge impact in other people’s lives.

They love “building brands with soul” and also building a relationship based on partnership and playing together to make life ridiculously enjoyable for themselves as well as others.

Their energy and enthusiasm for love, life and business is contagious and delightful. Find out more about Kevin & Devona at 

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  1. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    Remember if you join us live, you will get our How to Keep the Fights Clean & Sex Dirty 2-page CHEAT SHEET for FREE! So hang tight and at 6:10pm PST we will make the link active so you can join us LIVE on the hangout and get YOUR questions answered!

  2. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    Avoiding arguments is NOT the best thing to do, you want to get good at targeting your areas of conflict instead so that you can more easily overcome your hurdles!

  3. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    For some past tips on How to Keep the Fights Clean – After you can check out our past TV episodes: #1.7, \”How to Turn Every Breakdown into a Breakthrough\” by clicking here: and #2.7 \”An End to Often, Extreme & Long Lasting Fights\” by clicking here: and check out our past P3 Party Blog articles on the topic of Fights Clean by clicking here:

  4. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    Every thought you have creates a chemical reaction in your body, so be sure to wait about two hours before attempting to tackle these Post-Argument Ninja Moves so that you can allow your body enough time to disperse these chemicals created from arguing

  5. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    If it is not worth measuring, it is not worth doing, so how do we measure? Ask yourself on a scale of 1-10, how often does this fight happen? A 0 might be we had this argument five minutes ago, and a 10 might be we have never had this argument before.

  6. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    Your ACTION OPTION, should you choose to accept it, is too…

    STEP 1: Confirm the fight is indeed over, ready to move FORWARD, not just move ON.

    STEP 2: Find a relaxing space for some Argument-Even-Better-IF-ing”

    STEP 3: Answer these questions and “Score” your argument in these areas:
    • How often does this particular fight happen?
    • How extreme or bad did it get?
    • How long did it last?
    • Did we use our tools?
    • Did we learn any lessons?

    STEP 4: (BONUS) Total your score, we’re aiming for tens on all fronts! Then set a goal that your next argument be even closer to a ten.

  7. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    Next time when one of you is upset and you’re lashing out, try asking each other, “Do you need some loving?” Try it!

  8. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    When we first got married, I was really blown away by how different marriage was from dating. When we were dating, I could just say that i didn’t want to deal with our crap anymore, but in a marriage it became OUR crap to deal with together, and there was no more running away, and no more constantly questioning our relationship. We were finally able to stop looking over our shoulder. Though some people like to think marriage is a renewable 4-year contract, which it is not!

  9. Gaby Sundra
    Gaby Sundra says:

    Join us next week for How to Keep the Sex Dirty – AFTER, “Orgasm Doesn’t Equal Over” with special guests Larry Michel & Jennifer Laurin, you’ll learn how to take that post orgasmic energy and turn it into good times & goodwill!


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