Ep. 7.8 “The Pleasure and Power of “Post-Play”

The deed is “done,” but IS IT? Not at all! Ride that wave of romance and passion ALL the way to shore and you’ll intensify your intimacy in the bedroom and WELL BEYOND. Join us as we explore How to Keep the SexDirty – AFTER: “The Pleasure and Power of “Post-Play”.

Ep. 7.7 “An End to Often, Extreme & Long Lasting Fights”

The storm has passed. The fight is over. You’ve survived. Maybe with some wounds to heal or bridges to cross to return to intimacy and connection. So NOW what?! Learn what to do AFTER a fight to 1. Reconnect and 2. Learn from it so you do better next time.

Join us as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean – AFTER with Makena Sage and Sunny Durante.