Ep. 9.8 With Ashae & Lucien

Ditch your dry and default habits for your after orgasm-experience. Dip your toes into these top tips, tools and techniques to close the container post-gettin’-it-on. Learn how to turn that opportune time into something special that nourishes you not only now, but sets you up for next-level-lovin’ next time.

Ep. 9.7 Sarah Liz Reynoso

Don’t just move PAST an argument, move FORWARD! Get in on this intimate exploration of what to do AFTER getting in on to bring you even closer together (and have the sexy-time just keep getting sexier and sexier!)

Ep. 9.6 With Ken Blackman

If you’re feeling bored, disconnected, frustrated or suppressed with your sexlife and you want more attraction, intimacy and excitement in it, then join us at Fights Clean Sex Dirty TV with our special guest Ken Blackman as we dive into “How to Use Pace, Timing and Your Spidey Senses to Satiate Sexy Desires”.

Ep. 9.5 With Brenda & Chris

Learn to embrace the opportunities in your arguments and pivot out of upset and into intimacy. We’ll dive into feelings vs. facts, how to get below the surface and even how to get ahead of it all in the first place. Join our awesome interviewees Brenda and Chris as we explore “How to Keep the Fights Clean: DURING – 6 Top Tips for De-Escalating A Dispute”.

Ep. 9.4 With Leslie Grace

Find out your and your beloved’s Flavor of Desire and how to speak the same sexual language. Come learn how to turn the messiness of relationship into some sexiness. Plus you’ll learn how to bring some lightness and fun to exploring your edges in intimacy.

Join us as we explore How to Keep the Sex Dirty: AS IT STARTS with Tantra teacher Leslie Grace in Episode 9.4 “5 Games to Play to Create Authentic Sexy Connection”

Ep. 9.3 With Sierra and Rono

Get in on this! Get off the freeway of fights by avoiding those pesky argument onramps and up-leveling your love life with these quick, simple and fun tips.

Join Raj and I, together with Sierra Sullivan and Rono Smith as we explore How to Keep the Fights Clean, AS IT STARTS: “5 Tips for Avoiding Argument Onramps”

Ep. 9.2 With Alexa and Jordan

Whether your love life is happy, healthy and hot depends more on your day-to-day dynamic than anything new skill or big romantic date. Create an everyday culture of keeping it passionate and pleasurable. Join us for top tips for YOUR next steps towards super satisfying sexiness.

Ep. 9.1 With Wendy Newman

Learn how to ditch the DEFAULT of blaming, shaming and complaining and instead step into a delightful relationship by DESIGN where TOGETHER, you create a map of what you BOTH want. Join Gaby & Raj along with Wendy Newman, Media-Celebrated Author, Dating, Sex & Relationship Expert, as we dive deep into “How to Keep the Fights Clean – BEFORE, “Creating A Forward Focus for A Fabulous Relationship”