How to Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty

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Fights Clean Sex Dirty TV Season 5,
(the Season of Peace) Runs From Oct. 19th-Dec. 14th!

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Are you fighting way too often or embarrassed to admit the last time you had sex? Do you want to laugh together more, make love together more and “lose it” with each other less? Then check out the Fights Clean, Sex Dirty TV (FCSD TV) Weekly Live Google Hangout Show, for some wildly wonderful wisdom on “How to Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty.”

Join LIVE for FREE, plus get YOUR relationship questions answered in the Q&A too. Replays will be available for a full week at no cost. Season 5 is the Season of Peace, and it has just begun! Tune in every Wednesday at 5:30pm PST to catch us live on the show! Replays will be free for one week following their air date, so snap up some of our top tips before they're gone!

Featured Episodes

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Ep. 5.7 with Special Guests Meghan & Justin

You got upset and argued. You might have even let it get a bit ugly. Still, you managed to get through it. NOW WHAT? Don't just move on, move FORWARD. You CAN turn an argument into intimacy or a breakdown into a breakthrough. Join Meghan McDonald & Justin Faerman as we dive deep into How to Keep the Fights Clean, AFTER– "How to Turn Every Breakdown Into a Breakthrough."
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Ep. 5.8 with Special Guests Tani & Leslie

You might think the “deed is done,” but is it, really? Scoop up all that yummy post orgasmic energy, good times and goodwill so you just keep getting closer and closer and the sex just keeps getting better and better. Join guests Leslie Rogers & Tani Thole as we explore How to Keep the Sex Dirty – AFTER, "Praise to the Power of the Post Orgasmic Chill."

This fresh and engaging Google Hangout series includes...

  • Top Tips, Tools & Technique : Pick your favorite easy to apply, quick to make a difference tips to help you Keep the Fights Clean and the Sex Dirty.

  • Engaging Interviews with Awesome Experts : Interact with educated, experienced, entertaining specialists in the relationship realm.

  • Opportunity to Interact: Ask YOUR relationship questions and get direct coaching from Gaby, Raj and our special guests too!

  • Presents!: Enjoy our great gifts to help you have a playful, peaceful, passionate relationship

Check Out The Love, Praise & High 5’s We’re Getting!

“Gaby and Raj are a rare relationship experts because they have been through it all and have come out the other side more intimate and full of possibility and love every time.”

Eleanor & Ben - Marin, CA

“No one else has that one-two-three punch of simple, fun and effective. Their stuff works, and you don’t have be a brain surgeon to get it.”

Amber & Nathan - Boulder, CO

This FCSD TV Weekly Live Google Hangout Show series is ideal for people who are…

  • Tired of sighing or groaning at the sight of their partner. I mean why groan when you can moan? (the GOOD kind of moaning)

  • Weighted down by the fact that they don’t really fell like spending a lot of time together, or having sex with each other ( remember when you could just not get enough time together and when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other?)

  • Stuck either from being too busy, frustrated or frozen to do REALLY do anything about their relationship.

It’s for men, women and couples who want to practice Keeping the Fights Clean because they are so ready to…

  • Retire their repeat arguments, nip nagging in the bud and learn to turn power struggles into partnership.

  • Enjoy each other’s company, make time to be together, and have the best-ever sex year after year.

  • Go on a drama diet and interrupt the up-and-down, round and round, merry go round.

It’s for people who want to practice Keeping the Sex Dirty because they are EVEN MORE ready to…

  • Steer clear of becoming stale, putting an end to being predictable, and really “getting’ it going’ on”, before they end up “going vanilla” instead.

  • Shun shoulds, shout out their sexiness. REALLY be themselves, intimately seen, seduced and surrendered with each other.