How to Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty

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Set Yourselves Up For Sexiness

What would it be like if your sexual relationship was uninhibited, bold and free? What if you had quality communication, you could stop walking on eggshells and be able to say what you REALLY wanted…And to say what you DIDN’T want. with out any blame, shame or guilt?

We can show you some quick, simple, fun was to bring sexy back! These articles will create a sense of openness, curiosity and adventure. They will help you feel more comfortable, confident and fully expressed in the bedroom (and beyond!).

Initiate Inertia – Tend To Your Garden Or Weeds WILL Grow

Tend to Your Garden, Or Weeds WILL Grow Seduction starts WAY earlier than most think. In fact, it’s happening ALL the time. Adam Gilad and his wife Sandy call it 24 hour foreplay (hear all about it in Fights Clean, Sex Dirty TV Season 1, Episode #8). The way you relate to your partner ALL-DAY-LONG creates your relationship environment. That environment will determine […]

Romp Recap To The Rescue

Even-Better–IF-ing Think of all the places in life we look at what went well, what we loved and what could have worked better. We’re nearly constantly assessing how things went and making adjustments for an even better future. There is even a term for it – EBI’s – Even Better Ifs. So why not bring some of that wisdom to your sex […]

The Power of a Proactive Perspective

The PRO-ACTIVE Perspective Being proactive and moving TOWARDS what you DO want is a top priority in all the relationship “work” we do. It takes focus, education, intention and attention to be PRO-ACTIVE and move TOWARDS, because as humans, we are designed AND conditioned to react to what’s coming at you and either move away or lash out. Our very survival has […]

Take Risks & Be Bold

Stretching into new realms of your sexual relationship can be intimidating, awkward or just uncomfortable. But it’s sooooo worth it. We’ve all heard the stories of couples that have been together for decades and they say the sex just keeps getting better and better. So we know it IS possible. Is YOUR sex life getting better and better? What would it […]

Mastering of Mini Seductions Makes for Some Mighty Fine Sexy Time

If you are like most couples, you likely have a full and busy life. A lot to think about, manage, juggle and stretch. Often by the time you get to bed, sex and intimacy might seem a million miles away. The “on ramp” to awesome sex might seem like a long arduous task rather than an easy-access experience you can […]