How to Keep the Fights Clean & the Sex Dirty

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Romp Recap To The Rescue

Even-Better–IF-ing Think of all the places in life we look at what went well, what we loved and what could have worked better. We’re nearly constantly assessing how things went and making adjustments for an even better future. There is even a term for it – EBI’s – Even Better Ifs. So why not bring some of that wisdom to your sex […]

How to Turn Breakdowns Into Breakthroughs

The Storm Has Passed OK the storm has passed. The fight is over. NOW what? You may want to forget about the fight that just happened, however, as they say, those who do not learn from history are DOOMED TO REPEAT THEMSELVES. A teacher once told me “Experience can be expensive. Just make sure you get what you paid for.” Meaning […]

The Power of a Proactive Perspective

The PRO-ACTIVE Perspective Being proactive and moving TOWARDS what you DO want is a top priority in all the relationship “work” we do. It takes focus, education, intention and attention to be PRO-ACTIVE and move TOWARDS, because as humans, we are designed AND conditioned to react to what’s coming at you and either move away or lash out. Our very survival has […]

Tame Triggers & Unhook, Even In the Heat Of It

All Too Quickly The Claws Came Out We had just arrived at one of our favorite restaurants, in one of our favorite cities (Wild Ginger in downtown Seattle), and for seemingly NO reason and certainly no GOOD reason, we started to get short with each other. Then snippy. And all too quickly the claws came out. I was thinking (in a […]

Introducing FCSD TV

It WASN’T AWESOME Raj and I really STRUGGLED in the first few years of our relationship. It was not playful, peaceful or passionate. It was PAINFUL. There was a lot of conflict, drama, tears and even more than a few holes punched in the wall. It was so rough that AT OUR ENGAGEMENT PARTY, a dear friend pulled us aside and […]

Nip Nagging in the Bud

NAGGING SUCKS! I know. It’s like fingernails on the chalkboard. It’s so grating, you don’t even want to think about it. No matter if you are doing the nagging or being nagged – it simply sucks. NO ONE likes it! And no matter who is doing the nagging, it will completely suck any play, peace and passion out of your relationship. QUICK. No […]

Get Your Play On

Got play in YOUR partnership? When was the last time you… Well then it’s time to get your play on! Not only is it almost Summer, but it’s also the “Season of Play” here at Relationship Fun & Games. What Game? The Game of a truly great relationship. Or as Raj and I like to call it, a P3, Playful, Peaceful, […]

Our Dirty Little Secret

Raj and I are going to let you in on our dirty little secret. Sure, we are happier, having more play, peace and passion in our relationship than EVER, still, we had some pretty dark, tough, LONG days early on in our relationship. It most certainly was NOT always so playful, peaceful or passionate. In many ways it was downright PAINFUL. People did […]

Admit It And Take Action

If you don’t admit that there is an area of your relationship that is calling out for attention, then you won’t take action. Why take action when there isn’t an issue in the first place? Well look around. How’s it going? Do you wish you fight less and had sex and fun more? You’ve likely heard this saying before… ”If you […]