FEATURED OFFERING: Shared Relationship Vision Personalized Retreat

Come uncurl your toes, take some deep breaths, break free of blame and get solution focused. Get supported to consciously clear the air, end any animosity, create alignment and craft a vision you’re both inspired by.

Enjoy a peaceful, luxurious, paradise as you’re guided through first identifying YOUR ideal relationship, then seeing where your partner’s ideals align and then together, building a meaningful map forward with specific goals for the next 90 Days.

Plus I’ll even craft your personalized relationship mantra that declares who you are as a couple (so you can use that to AIM AT, rather than focusing on what you don’t want, blaming and complaining).

Sessions 10:00am to noon, and 3:00pm – 5:00pm so it’s designed for ENJOYING yourselves! Can’t get away to Santa Barbara? We can take it to a teleconference over four weekly, 60-90 min sessions all from the comfort of your own home. Enough dissecting the dramas! Why not DESIGN for DELIGHT?


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We have tons of valuable content at no-cost to get you started on the path to keeping the Fights Clean and the Sex Dirty. Check out our free offerings below, including our Webinar on “The #1 Reason Relationships Fail and What YOU Can Do About It,” and this season’s Fights Clean Sex Dirty TV episodes. These will support you in learning how to have a playful, peaceful, passionate P3 Relationship, and as we like to say “save being nasty for your sex life.”


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YOU deserve a playful, peaceful, passionate relationship, and you can get more Play Peace & Passion in your relationship TODAY. That is what we’re here to help with in order to make it easier AND more fun! This is a store specifically designed to bring more play, peace, and passion to your relationship with our array of products specifically coordinated with our top tips, tools, and techniques to walk you through each step along the way to more intimacy, more passion, and less friction!

So are you ready to learn how to lighten up when it comes to fights or light-up when it comes to sex?

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P3 Party – A Blog for Peaceful, Playful, Passionate Relationships

It’s a P3 party! Enjoy a parade of articles, stories, updates and musings on all things Playful, Peaceful and Passionate in relationship. Read up on the most fun and useful tips for keeping the fights clean and the sex dirty and turning the relationship you have into the one you REALLY want.

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Your Approach, Our Offerings

The best approach to a playful, peaceful, passionate relationship is the one that best suits YOU. We offer access to a P3 Relationship through a variety of approaches. Relationships are complex, so no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach will do. With RFG YOU get to CHOOSE what approach BEST suits you and your partner. If you are READY to do SOMETHING to shift out of complaining about your relationship and into creating something fun, light and lasting, then look at the offerings below to see what approach best suits YOU.



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Love, Praise & High-5s

Raj and I know full well that we could rave about a P3 Playful, Peaceful,Passionate Relationship until the cows come home, still it might seems a little to pie in the sky to you. So don’t take it from us, check out the Love, Praise & High-5s that we’re getting.


Sacha & Scott

Gaby & Raj bring brand new perspective to resolving relationship conflict that’s fresh, fun, full of love and creates deep intimacy between the couples they work with. Sacha & Scott, Toronto, Canada

Michael & Lara

“Thank you to the moon and back. We had the most moving and loving time. Your guidance is smart, trustworthy, real and not too “woo woo.” We feel a HUGE weight off our shoulders and are excited by our relationship again.” Michael & Lara, Los Angeles CA